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Genre: Young Adult, Urban Romantic Suspense

I’ve unlocked my darkest secret only to have it return to torment me. As the thorns of his obsession encompass me, I discover I’m part of a twisted ploy.


Genre: Steamy Paranormal Romance, Sci Fi Romance, Shifter Romance

Dragon shifter prince Kyran and his people are gravely in need of mates. Their planet’s female shifters are dying out, so they look to Earth for new women — but claiming one will be harder than he anticipated.


Genre: YA Fantasy Romance/PNR

They lived among us for thousands of years unnoticed—until one of them noticed me. An achingly romantic and magical fantasy bestseller with more than 2000 5-star ratings on Goodreads.


Genre: Erotic Romantic Comedy

When Patrick stumbles across a cute maid watching a couple have sex at the sex club he can’t believe his luck, until he discovers that she’s his best friend’s little sister. Sparks fly when he's ordered to keep her out of trouble.


Genre: Steamy Romantic Suspense

Alpha detectives shouldn’t have to dress as cupid and social workers generally aren’t murder suspects, but here they are.

$0.99 Box Set!

Genre: Werewolf Romantic Urban Fantasy

In a world of forbidden love and supernatural secrets, Kira Fairwood's fox-shifter heritage entangles her in a web of mystery and desire. Find out whether she can she protect her family's legacy while risking her heart in a deadly dance with a wolf in this complete trilogy!


Genre: Historical Romance

A heroine in disguise, a remote Scottish castle, a handsome laird commanded to wed! Let the mayhem begin.


Genre: Steamy Small-Town Romance

Abby moves back to Ardor Creek to exact revenge on sexy mayor Chad by running against him. Chad is blown away by his gorgeous, brilliant opponent, but soon realizes he might not just lose the election--the serial player might also lose his heart!


Genre: Erotic Romance

Sherri hires an escort to fulfill her greatest fantasy but is shocked when she discovers his true identity!

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